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About Us


Ladies and Gentlemen

We have the immense privilege to present you our company, its business profile, achievements and offer. Trade and Service Company, "Lok-Service" was established in 1999. From the very beginning our main goal was to implement new technical and technological achievements in the field of complex maintenance, operation and repair of traction vehicles. We specialize in: periodic inspections and traction repair of rail vehicles , repair, verification and legalization of speedometers, alertness equipment, trains self-braking systems, radio-alarm systems. Also "quick service" offer (including Express debugging on the vehicle) was received with interest from a wider range of customers. In addition, we carry out the repair, regeneration and new parts sales, assemblies and complete equipment for rail vehicles.

We have a well-equipped repair facilities and we employ experienced professionals with long practical experience. We hire people with experience in work related to technical acceptances after repairing locomotives, verifications and evaluations of technical state. We have right to assembly, testing and repair equipment related to safety of the locomotives on the move (drivers safety device, SHP, speedometers).

The main area of our interest are the railways industry, independent carriers engaged in transportation on its own rail network, or on a network of PLK and entrepreneurs operating in the sidings.




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