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Subassembly Repair


P.U.H. "LOK-SERVICE" as the company that deals with complex maintenance of railway vehicles, also has a rich offer for the repair, refurbishing and selling sets and sub-assemblies and spare parts for all types of locomotives, both diesel and electric.


We carry out repairs including inspection of the following devices and machines:

  • power generators,
  •  main generators, auxiliary generators, exciters,
  •  electric traction motors, auxiliary drive motors,
  • electrical cabinets,  control systems,
  • speed and Power controls,
  • fittings, fuel system and fuel injection pump, injectors, feeding pumps,
  • air compressors.



By our own or in co-operation we carry out the regeneration of parts with the criteria set out in DTR and the WTO of the device. Therefore, despite the lower prices of the regenerated parts offered by PUH "LOK - SERVICE" they possess proper quality attributes.