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Our Facilities



Since its inception, PUH "LOK-SERVICE" attached great importance to modern and professional technical-measuring equipment .


Our in-house equipment includes:

Diagnostic and measurement equipment:

  • Micrometers and electronic calipers,
  • Micrometer gauges and sensors
  • Multifunction electronic and analog gauges for measuring electrical quantities
  • Electronic inductors 3500VA
  • Station for testing speedometers "Hasler" 
  • Oscilloscope


Equipment Repair:

  • Electro-pneumatic Toolkit
  • Lathe
  • Autotransformer
  • Electric and gas welders
  • The position for injectors testing
  • Station for testing electrical and electropneumatic contactors
  • Torque wrenches


Service group equipment:

  • Generator
  •  Compressor unit
  •  Electric welder
  •  A set of electric meters
  •  Electronic inductors up to 3500V
  •  Laptop with software for diagnostics of electronic devices (RADIOSTOP, SHP)
  • A set of instruments for measuring circular outline of the rim of pledges
  • Instruments for measuring arrow crankshaft
  • Gauge showing compression pressure in the cylinder of internal combustion engine
  • Combustion pressure gauge in the cylinder of internal combustion engine.