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Diesel Locomotives



The design of diesel-electric locomotives used in Poland dates back to the 60 - and 70 - the last century. With every year the operational performance of these vehicles is reducing, which in turn results in less efficiency and higher cost of transportation. For these reasons, way and the possibility of an optimal service locomotives became extremely important.


LOK-SERVICE offers the following services to owners of locomotives:
  • Scheduled maintenance of diesel locomotives (P1. P2, P3, P3x);
  • Removing faults and carrying out emergency repairs ("fast service").


List of diesel locomotives of our offer:

  • Ls40
  • LS60
  • LS150 / 2Ls150 (SM03)
  • 409 Da (SM04)
  • 401Da
  • 1D (SM30)
  • TGM40
  • 6D / 6Da (SM42)
  • T448p
  • 411D
  • SM31
  • S200
  • 060DA (ST43)
  • M62 (ST44)
  • TEM2 (SM48)